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HooKUP - How to convert your backhoe or excavator to quick attach

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Star Hill Solutions offers an important addition to our Jawz and Quik Pik product lines that allows you to use our quick attach loader attachments on either your excavator or backhoe.
Known by the trade name, “HooKUp”, this product gives you the ability to convert your excavator or backhoe into a skid steer style attachment tool carrier.
The HooKUp will greatly expand the reach and usefulness of your Quik Pik or Jawz grabbing tools.  Put these attachments on your excavator and use them to clean out ditches, culverts, and reach deep into places that an ordinary loader mounted attachment cannot access.
Suggested uses:
Jawz: Use for precision cleaning of ditches and culverts, pull out brush or small trees from ditches and along roads, rights of way. Use for rock wall construction, for berm construction, for rip rap placement. This tool is very useful in disaster situations where a precise gripping tool is needed. Think of Jawz as a powerful pair of hydraulic tweezers that provide excellent dexterity in many operations.
Quik Pik: Use with HookUp for disaster clean up, for cleaning out ditches and culverts, for rock wall construction, for placing rocks, for handling logs, for loading trucks. Think of Quik Pik as a hydraulic hand with five fingers. Allows for careful and precise field operations. Open the fingers up and “scratch” debris and other materials out of a ditch, culvert or depression.
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HooKUP Q & A
Why should I buy the Hook Up?
  The HookUp is a great product because it allows you to leverage your investment in your excavator or backhoe by turning it into a multi-purpose tool carrier.
How much does it cost?
  $1995. Ships FOB from Hughson, CA.
Is finanacing available?
  Yes, we have financing.
(click here to see if you qualify
What is the shipping cost?
  Shipping is included if purchased simultaneously with either the Jawz or Quik Pik.
How long will it take for me to get my HookUp?
  These adaptors are in stock and usually ship the day after the order is received.
Will the HookUp be delivered with my Jawz or Quik Pik?
  No. The HooKUP ships from California and the Jawz or Quik Pik from Iowa.
HookUp warranty?
  One year

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