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Set Quarried Stone Quarried Stone Wall Construction:
Build your wall using the Quik Pik’s clasping fingers operating in tandem with the landscape shoe. Use your skid steer to pick up, securely handle, and set in place massive quarried stone blocks. Never use forks to build a rock wall again!
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Handle rounded rocks

Rocks and Stones:
Clamp the tines around big rocks to move and set them exactly where you want them to end up. Use the Quik Pik with the landscape shoe to build rock walls. What other loader attachment can do this?

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Brush, branches, limbs  

Brush, Branches, Limbs:
Handle high volumes of tree and plant material securely with the patented boom and tine configuration. Use the extra five feet of reach the Quik Pik has to claw material from a debris pile prior to handling.

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Handle Forest Logs Posts, Timber and Forest Logs:
Round logs and round tines are made for each other. Use the curvature of the tines to grasp logs as you handle them in the forest, field, for loading, or in your milling operations. Open the tines and use a pushing motion to roll logs. Simply amazing!
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Culvert and Pipes Pipes, Culverts and Tanks:
The boom and curved tine configuration make this an ideal tool to clasp large pipes, culverts and tanks. “Wrap” the Quik Pik around those hard to secure culverts and move them with confidence. No other tractor loader attachment can do this.
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Hay Bales  

Hay Bales:
Embrace round and square hay bales and move from the field to truck or storage facility. Handle these awkward items easily and with precision. Bale spears are no longer needed.

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Irregular Objects  

Irregular & Bulky Objects:
Handle an endless array of difficult to grasp items safely and securely. The geometry of the open boom and tine configuration takes the Quik Pik into uncharted grapple territory. Say goodbye to your hook and chain hassles.

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Pallets/banded material  

Pallets & Banded Material:
Operate the Quik Pik as a forklift. Use your boom and fingers to curl against the pallet load and secure it while lifting and transporting. Enhance safe operations. Great for telehandlers.

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