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QUIK PIK - Applications & Uses
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  Quik Pik - Easy On and Off Steps
See how simple it is to couple Quik Pick to your equipment.
Set Quarried Stone Quarried Stone Wall Construction:
Use Quik Pik to precisely pick and place quarried stone blocks when constructing a retaining wall. Eliminate the use of cumbersome and clumsy forks. Using the fingers curl behind the stone and draw onto the landscape shoe. Simple, elegant, and fast. Use with landscape shoe.
Handle rounded rocks

Rounded Rocks and Stones:
The curved fingers are perfect for handling round rocks. Curve the tines around the rock, draw the rock in, and place that rock exactly where you want it. Allows for delicate, scratch-free handling of designer landscape rocks.
Use with landscape shoe.

Handle Forest Logs Logs and Timber:
Rotate the fingers around the log and bring the log in tight to the faceplate for secure handling. Grasp logs as you handle them for forest, field, loading, or in your milling operations Open the tines and use a pushing motion to roll logs.
Use with landscape shoe, pallet forks or both.
Culvert and Pipes Culverts, Pipes and Tanks:
Curl the tines around these cylindrical objects and draw into contact with the faceplate for secure handling.
Use with landscape shoe, pallet forks or both.
Hay Bales  

Hay Bales:
Whether round or square, curve the tines against the opposite side of the bale, clasping the bale while drawing it in close to the faceplate.
Use with landscape shoe, pallet forks or both.

Irregular Objects  

Irregular & Bulky Objects:
Depending on the object, curve the tines over the top of the object or use the ends of the tines to insert into cavities for lifting. Draw object into contact with faceplate if possible.
Use with landscape shoe, pallet forks or both.

Brush, branches, limbs  

Brush, Branches and Limbs:
Having the extra reach and square-like dimension allows for grasping and securing larger loads than just about any other skid steer grapple in the market.
Use with brush rake.

Pallets/banded material  

Pallets/banded material:
Using Quik Pik as a forklift curve the tines against the backside or on top of the load to increase handling control.
Use with pallet forks.

Manure/wood chips  

Manure/wood chips:
Having the extra five feet or so of reach changes the Quik Pik geometry. This feature allows the Quik Pik to handle approx twice the volume of conventional grapples.
Use with brush rake.

Debris, stumps, emergency services   Debris, stumps, emergency services:
Take advantage of Quik Pik’s unique geometry to handle large piles of debris, large stumps and other bulky waste. Use the fingers to scratch and pull items out of ditches, culverts, and storm debris piles.
Use with landscape shoe.
Nursery Boxes   Nursery Boxes:
Remove the center tine and clasp the fingers against the back of the nursery box. Draw the nursery box into contact with the landscape shoe.
Use with landscape shoe.
Quik Pik
A Smarter Tool for Landscape Contractors, Land Owners, Farmers and Ranchers, Sawmill Operators, Emergency Services Contractor, Construction Contractors, and City, County, State and Fed Agencies.
Machines-The Quik Pik Grabbing Tool is designed to mount on any machine that uses a quick coupler system including:
  • Farm Tractors
  • Skid Steers
  • All Terrain Loaders
  • Smaller Telehandlers
  • Excavators with skid steer adaptor plate
The Quik Pik is truly a multi-use loader attachment.
Consider all the grapple variations that this one product covers:
  • Forklift Grapple
  • Brush Grapple
  • Nursery Box Grapple
  • Debris Grapple
  • Log Grapple
  • Hay Grapple
  • Rock Grapple
  • Pipe and Culvert Grapple
  • Bulky Objects Grapple
  • Manure/Chip Grapple
Designed tough for landscaping, land management, construction, demolition and a wide range of material handling uses, the QUIK PIK Grabbing tool greatly expands the usefulness of your farm tractor, skid steer, all terrain loader and telehandler. It will pay for itself through increased productivity, labor savings, enhanced safety and greater overall efficiency.
Uses with Pallet Forks:
  • Pallets,
  • Hay bales
  • Banded material
  • Culverts
  • Logs
Uses with Brush Rake:
  • Brush
  • Branches
  • Limbs,
  • Manure
  • Wood chips
  • Light debris
Uses with Landscape Shoe:
  • Quarried stone
  • Any shape rocks
  • Forest logs
  • Culverts
  • Tanks
  • Hay bales
  • Irregular objects

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