Introducing the Star Hill Quik Pik Grapple

Star Hill Solutions, Inc., a pioneer in introducing patented new products that solve vexing land management and material handling problems, is pleased to announce the addition of the patented Star Hill Quik Pik Grapple to its existing line of patented Star Hill Jawz Grabbing Tools.

We invite you to take a tour of the Quik Pik website and see the wide range of material handling chores this multi-use grapple can handle. This truly innovative loader attachment offers interesting alternatives to how many jobs are now being performed. We hope you take the time to see for yourself.

Quik Pik Grapple at work


The patented Quik Pik, by virtue of it’s boom and tine dual actuated features, is a multi-use grapple unlike any other loader grapple on the market today.

  • Boom and Tines:This feature is the heart and soul of the Quik Pik. The curved “fingers” allow just about any cylindrical object to be grasped securely. The boom/tine combo provides greater reach and material volume capacity than any other loader grapple on the market today.
  • With Landscape Shoe: (Standard Equipment) Quik Pik comes standard with the Landscape Shoe. The Landscape Shoe provides a perch to stabilize loads against the attachment’s face-plate. The Landscape Shoe offers flexibility, dexterity, and ease of use when you don’t want something hanging underneath the load you are handling. Use this configuration when handling:
    • Quik Pik Grapple with Landscape Shoerocks
    • cut stone
    • forest logs
    • pipes and culverts
    • oddshaped objects
    • square and round hay bales
    • wooden nursery boxes
  • With Pallet Forks: (Optional Accessory) Quik Pik becomes a Forklift Grapple when a pair of forks are mounted on the faceplate. The length of the boom combined with the curling tines allows for the secure handling and transport of unstable loads over irregular terrain. Or simply use Quik Pik as a basic pallet-handling tool whose grapple feature helps to secure pallet loads. Use this configuration for:
    • grapple with pallet forkspallet loads
    • loose or banded lumber
    • pipes and culverts
    • bins
    • anything else a conventional forklift might handle.
  • With Brush Rake:(Optional Accessory) Mount the Brush Rake on the faceplate. Use for large volume material handling chores such as woody debris, manure, chips, etc. Handles more than twice the volume of conventional brush grapples. Use this configuration to move woody debris piles such as:
    • grapple with brush rakebrush
    • branches
    • limbs and smaller logs
    • manure
    • wood chips


The Quik Pik, thru it’s transformative design, functions as a:

  • Forklift Grapple
  • Brush Grapple
  • Debris Grapple
  • Log Grapple
  • Hay Grapple
  • Rock Grapple
  • Pipe and Culvert Grapple
  • Manure and Chip Grapple
  • Bulky Objects Grapple

Never before has one attachment been able to perform such a wide range of field activities. The unique geometry combined with the precise handling and clasping ability of the Quik Pik is of great benefit whether you are moving pallets, securing lumber, handling large hay bales, stacking large diameter logs, dealing with gnarly stumps and debris, moving wood chips and manure, placing culverts and pipes, setting large cut stone blocks and rocks, or dealing with large awkward and cumbersome objects. The Quik Pik greatly expands the range of things you can do with one attachment and certainly increases operator efficiency.


The Quik Pik, because it offers a multi-use grapple option, is a very economical loader attachment to have in your inventory. The multi-function Quik Pik Grapple with Landscape Shoe, Pallet Forks, and Brush Rake eliminates the need to have three different loader attachments.

In addition to saving money on multiple attachments, this attachment will greatly simplify many field operations. Enhanced safety, saving time (and money) and increased operator satisfaction are additional benefits associated with the Quik Pik.Grabbing Tool. Expands the usefulness of your tractor/loader combination.