JAWZ Functions

Jawz is a patented grabbing tool that works on any machine that utilizes a quick-attach coupling system. JAWZ removes posts and fence lines; eradicates unwanted vegetation and uproots trees; lifts and moves awkward objects and puts them down with precision; sets trees, rocks and posts; loads debris boxes and trucks; clears debris after storms; and performs demolition.

Tree Puller

Tree removed by Jawz
Jawz removes trees and brush, roots and all

Remove invasive trees, roots and all. JAWZ is more efficient than a shear, tree saw, or cutter because it doesn’t leave the roots in the ground. Good for the environment because you don't have to use any stump killing chemicals.

Fence and Post Puller

Fence Post Removal with Jawz
Pulling wooden fence post with the Jawz attachment

Easily pull embedded wooden fence posts or metal t-stakes. JAWZ fingers are made from T-1 steel plate with robust construction throughout; the perfect tool for pulling up fence posts - skinny or thick.

Rock & Boulder Mover

The Super JAWZ fingers open up to 58 inches at the tips for easily moving and placing larger rocks and boulders. JAWZ allows you to carefully place the rocks where they are needed rather than just rolling them out of the bucket.

Invasive Plant Remover

Wildlife managers across the U.S. are utilizing JAWZ to remove non-native invasive plants and brush such as: Tamarisk, Russian Olive, Autumn Olive, Buckthorn, Manzanita, Scotch broom, Honeysuckle, and many others.

Alternative Uses

Clear debris after storms. Set shrubs for landscaping. Hold tree limbs for chain sawing. Load debris boxes. Perform demolition. Lift and move awkward objects and put them down with precision.

The Patented Jawz Difference

As you search the internet, you may find other attachments that bear a passing resemblance to Jawz. Do not be misled into buying a product that only has a single moveable arm, a narrow tip opening and a single cylinder squeezing force. Our patented design offers many advantages over the competition:

  • Two 1" thick, reinforced T1 steel fingers
  • Two heavy duty hydraulic cylinders
  • Greater squeezing force
  • Fingers move independently
  • Wider opening at the tips
  • Proven durability and dependability
  • T1 steel-proven best for holding welds

Don't be fooled by inferior imitations. Buy the best and you will not be disappointed.