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Grabbing Tool, Jawz   JAWZ Revolutionizes Your Land Management Chores

The patented Star Hill JAWZ grabbing tool will revolutionize how you do your land management chores. Whether used as a tree puller, brush cutter, post puller or to move rocks and boulders you will soon realize the ease in which the patented Jawz Grabbing Tool allows you to complete these tedious chores. You can precisely move and place large rocks and boulders, and remove stakes and fence posts safely.

Simple Design

The old adage "necessity is the mother of invention" holds true for this unique grabbing tool attachment.
JAWZ is simple in design. Based upon the principle of applying tandem hydraulic squeezing power through a steel finger attachment, JAWZ delivers the required gripping power to handle those "hard to remove" objects with ease.

Highly Versatile Tool

JAWZ is a highly versatile tool that provides much satisfaction as you really begin to understand the wide range of tasks it can easily handle. With the combination of your loader and the JAWZ attachment, those once tedious projects are now comIleted quickly.

Incredibly Effective

The incredible effectiveness of the Jawz Grabbing Tool is instantly realized the first time you use as a tree puller, or to pull a fence post.  Never again use the dangerous and time consuming method of "bucket and chain"  to remove invasive trees and brush. Never again injure your back trying to roll or move large boulders and rocks.
JAWZ is safe, easy to attach, will enhance your productivity, and fits any machine - small, medium, or large - that has an attachment coupling system. It makes those hard to do tasks so simple we all wonder why it was not invented years ago!

The Original Patented Jawz Grabbing Tool

As you search the internet, you may find other attachments that bear resemblance to Jawz. However, take the time to analyze and compare. Whether it is the fingers that open wide, the superior squeezing force, the maneuverability, the craftsmanship or the reinforced top and bottom T-1 steel fingers, we believe Jawz gives you the best value for your money. Do not be misled into buying a product that only has a single moveable arm, a narrow tip opening and a single cylinder squeezing force. Buy the best and you will not be disappointed.

Post Puller  

Tree Puller



Government Certified

Starhill Solutions, Inc. and the Star Hill JAWZ grabbing tools are certified for government contract work. Government agencies should call 877-798-5299 toll free or visit www.gsaadvantage.gov and search Jawz for pricing information.

  • CCR Register
  • DUNS # 154156496
  • GSA Contract # GS30F0031T
Protected under one or more US and International patents.

The patented Jawz difference

Two 1" thick, reinforced T1 steel

Two heavy duty hydraulic cylinders

Greater squeezing force

Fingers move independently 

Wider opening at the tips

Proven durability and dependability

Postpuller, treepuller, shrubpuller
Find out which Jawz
is best for the work you do:

Mini Jawz
Standard Jawz
Super Jawz

Customer Testimonials

Best purchase and tool for the job
"Thank you for designing and manufacturing the Jawz grabbing tool in such a wonderful and stout manner as I now have toppled and removed about 50 10 to 12 inch slash pines (root and tree).

- Garret

Safe & Efficient
"JAWZ has been a great addition to our equipment inventory. Now one man can safely do a job that used to take three."
- Pat Malloy

Good for the Environment
"Very appropriate to our use of pulling out cedar stumps and brush. Minimal impact to the environment."
- Bill Welton

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