Quik Pik: Frequently Asked Questions

If I order a Quik Pik what is included in the price?

You will receive the basic unit, including the Landscape Shoe.

What if I want to buy the pallet forks or the brush rake?

Those are optional “a la carte” items and have to be purchased separately.

If I decide to buy the Quik Pik and forks and brush rake will I get a better price?

Yes, we offer a package price whether you buy the Quik Pik with just the forks, rake or both.

If I decide to buy a Quik Pik and Jawz at the same time will I get a discount?

Yes, we offer a discount if you buy both attachments. You do not have to buy the a la carte items to quality for this discount.

What are the tines on the Quik Pik made of?

They are stock off the shelf cultivator tines that are used on heavy duty field cultivators.

Why are there holes in the ends of the tines?

That is where the cultivator arrow points are fastened.

Do the holes in the tines serve any purpose with the Quik Pik?


Will my Skid Steer or All Terrain Loader allow me to operate the Quik Pik with my auxiliary hydraulics?

Maybe yes, but probably not. Newer models of Skid Steers provide for a dual auxiliary power function. Older models do not.

What will it take for me to operate the dual hydraulic configuration of the Quik Pik?

If you do not have the ability to switch auxiliary power through your loader toggle or joystick, you will need to see your tractor dealer and have them assist in this setup.

Will the Quik Pik mount on my farm tractor if I have quick attach?

Yes, Quik Pik will mount on any farm tractor with a quick attach feature.

How will I solve the challenge of operating the dual hydraulic configuration on my Farm Tractor?

You will have to consult with your dealer to have the appropriate power functions brought to the front of your tractor.

Does the Quik Pik come with hoses and couplers?

Yes, the Quik Pik comes with hoses, quick couplers and an electrical harness as long as the hoses.

What is the electrical harness and why do I need it?

The electrical harness delivers electrical power through your tractor battery to the solenoid on the Quik Pik. The operator determines which hydraulic cylinder is to have power, sends a signal from the operator control toggle or joystick via the harness to the solenoid, thereby allowing the power to the auxiliary cylinders to be switched back and forth. You cannot have power to both cylinders at the same time.

Will I have to modify my machine to use the Quik Pik?

Most likely. Consult with your dealer or a person skilled in wiring and plumbing tractors.

Is the Quik Pik a patented product?

Yes it is.

How much weight can I handle with the Quik Pik?

Up to 4000 pounds.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, one year parts and labor with shipping costs paid by the customer.