JAWZ Grabbing Tool Pulls Trees, Uproots Brush, Removes Posts, and More

The patented Star Hill JAWZ grabbing tool will revolutionize how you do your land management chores. Whether used as a tree puller, brush remover, post puller or to move rocks and boulders you will soon realize the ease with which this patented quick-attach tool allows you to complete these tedious chores. Work faster, safer and more efficiently with this highly versatile and durable front end loader attachment.

Jawz Tree Puller in Action

Simple design turns your tractor into a highly versatile tool.

The old adage "necessity is the mother of invention" holds true for this unique grabbing tool attachment. JAWZ is simple in design, based upon the principle of applying tandem hydraulic squeezing power through a steel finger attachment. Paired with your quick-attach compatible equipment, it becomes a highly versatile tool that makes quick work of your most tedious chores.

Jawz comes in three different sizes to fit a wide range of equipment, including Compact Utility Loaders, Farm Tractors, Skid Steers, All Terrain Loaders, and Excavators from manufacturers such as Bobcat, Caterpillar, Ditch Witch, John Deere, and Kubota. Jawz is safe, easy to attach, and fits any machine that has an attachment coupling system. It makes those hard to do tasks so simple we all wonder why it was not invented years ago!

Tree Puller removes trees and brush by the roots

The incredible effectiveness of the Jawz Grabbing Tool will be apparent from the first time you use it as a tree puller or to remove brush and invasive plants. Never again use the dangerous and time consuming method of "bucket and chain" to remove trees and brush. Pulling up the entire plant, roots and all, means there's nothing left to grow back, and no need to use dangerous herbicides to prevent regrowth.

Makes your land management tasks easy and safe

Never again injure your back trying to roll or move large boulders and rocks, or try to place large stones in your landscaping projects by manuvering them with the bucket of your tractor. Jawz can place boulders safely and precisely. Our customers have also used Jawz to stack wood, load trucks and trailers, clean up large debris, and even assist with cutting firewood! But you have to see it in action to truly appreciate this tool - check out our videos here.

The Patented Jawz Difference

As you search the internet, you may find other attachments that bear a passing resemblance to Jawz. Do not be misled into buying a product that only has a single moveable arm, a narrow tip opening and a single cylinder squeezing force. Our patented design offers many advantages over the competition:

  • Two 1" thick, reinforced T1 steel fingers
  • Two heavy duty hydraulic cylinders
  • Greater squeezing force
  • Fingers move independently
  • Wider opening at the tips
  • Proven durability and dependability
  • T1 steel-proven best for holding welds

Don't be fooled by inferior imitations. Buy the best and you will not be disappointed.