JAWZ: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major differences between the three different JAWZ grabbing tools?

Each version of JAWZ fits an assortment of tractors, skids steers, and farm equipment.

  • Mini JAWZ: model for mini skid steers, compact utility loaders, and mini excavators
  • Standard JAWZ: for skid steers, track loaders, farm tractors, small excavators, backhoes, and other medium-size quick attach machines
  • Super JAWZ: for wheel loaders and excavators

pulling fence post
Pulling a steel fence post with the Jawz attachment

Can I use the mini JAWZ to remove skinny fence posts?

Yes. The Mini JAWZ is perfect for grabbing thin metal fencing and quickly removing it from the ground. Without the help of anybody else, you can easily yank stubborn metal fence posts out of the ground.

Where are the JAWZ attachments manufactured?

All Jawz aattachments are produced under an OEM agreement with Paladin Brands in Delhi, Iowa.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

After placing your order, the JAWZ unit will arrive in about 2 weeks time. All orders are drop shipped from out manufacturing plant in Delhi, Iowa.

What is the recommended tractor or skid steer size for optimal use of the Standard JAWZ?

Tractors, track loaders, and skid steers in the range of 35HP to 100HP work very well with JAWZ.

Can I talk to a Sales Representative directly?

Yes. Any specific questions about how to use the family of Star Hill JAWZ grabbing tools can be answered through a quick email, or by calling 1-877-798-5299.

Does JAWZ rotate?

At this time, JAWZ doesn't rotate. However, the tilt function of your loader allows the JAWZ fingers to point down towards the ground, effectively eliminating the need for rotation in most common grasping tasks.

boulder moving
Moving a large boulder with Jawz

Will it scratch boulders?

The JAWZ Grabbing Tool fingers open and close slowly, yet have enough surface area to hold the rocks without slippage or drops, even when equipment is driven over rough terrain. Small marks may be present, but not anything that will damage the expensive boulders our customers use in their landscape operations.

Will JAWZ work on my 3-point hitch?

It is not recommended for the JAWZ Grabbing Tools to be adapted to work on a 3-point hitch. Optimal customer satisfaction is achieved through the use of JAWZ on the front-end loader of a tractor, skid steer, wheel loader, or excavator.

Can JAWZ be mounted to my John Deere tractor series 500 or 600/700 loaders?

Yes. Star Hill Solutions has designed specific JAWZ Grabbing Tool models for the unique John Deere tractor quick hitch mounting loaders. These are special orders but at the same price as our Standard Jawz (B2700QA). If your John Deere tractor loader has the universal skid steer style loader, then our Standard Jawz will work.

My tractor doesn't have an auxiliary hydraulic line with control lever. Can I still use JAWZ?

You will need your dealer to install an auxiliary hydraulic line with toggle to control the operation of the Jawz fingers.

Can JAWZ be mounted to my 4-pin loader?

Star Hill Solutions can refer you to a quick-attach adapter manufacturer that can sell you an adapter that will convert your 4-pin loader to the universal standard quick-attach mounting system.

After I remove my invasive trees, do I need to spray herbicides?

Most invasive trees (Tamarisk, Honetsuckle, Eastern Cedars, Mesquite, Huisache, Chinese Tallow, Multi-Flora Rose, Prickly Pear, and others) with trunk diameters up to six inches will be removed completely - roots and all. This removes the majority of the tap roots leaving little need for herbicide spraying. There may still be seeds left in the soil, but our customers find that spraying herbicides is unnecessary.

Can I use the Mini JAWZ on my Bobcat MT52 or MT55?

Yes. Star Hill Solutions has designed a specific model a1700MBQA for your Bobcat mini loader. Our Mini Jawz can be easily unloaded from the back of the freight truck with your pallet forks, saving the cost of lift gate and lowering your shipping cost.

Will Super JAWZ fit my wheel loader's or medium-sized excavator's quick coupler?

We can design Super Jawz to match your quick coupler. Call for details: (877)798-5299



The Patented Jawz Difference

As you search the internet, you may find other attachments that bear a passing resemblance to Jawz. Do not be misled into buying a product that only has a single moveable arm, a narrow tip opening and a single cylinder squeezing force. Our patented design offers many advantages over the competition:

  • Two 1" thick, reinforced T1 steel fingers
  • Two heavy duty hydraulic cylinders
  • Greater squeezing force
  • Fingers move independently
  • Wider opening at the tips
  • Proven durability and dependability
  • T1 steel-proven best for holding welds

Don't be fooled by inferior imitations. Buy the best and you will not be disappointed.